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Do men lose weight easier than women, or is it just another weight loss myth? After extensive research, it unfortunately is easier for males to lose weight compared to their female counterparts. Learn about the science here to help your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen.

Why It’s Easier

The answer — which we probably don’t want to hear — is ‘Yes it is easier for men,’” Lisa Martich, a dietitian specialists at UPMC Magee Women’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, told Today.

Men have an easier time because their bodies aren’t built for childbearing. 

Quite honestly, it starts at puberty and with our gender hormones,” Martich said. “Men have testosterone that helps them build their lean body mass. At puberty, women have estrogen that helps us build fat around our hips for babies.”

Men have more lean muscle on their bodies, while women’s bodies are designed to hold onto fat. 

More muscle mass, that gives them a higher resting metabolic rate, and because of that they have higher calories to play around with when they lose weight,” Colleen Tewksbury, a senior research investigator and bariatric program manager at Penn Medicine, told Today. “Women, from a hormonal standpoint, from an evolutionary standpoint, need more fat stores.”

Women Are More Likely To Lose Weight

Despite the fact that women are designed to keep their fat, they are usually the ones starting weight loss programs and otherwise staying focused on shedding excess pounds. 

Seventy to 80% of people losing weight are women,” said Tewksbury. “We don’t have parity, we don’t have data to measure the differences.”

Tewksbury also notes that while diet changes help women drop weight, exercise is the more important factor. 

“It has been very effective in preventing weight gain and maintenance,” she said. “If people are not exercising, they are much more likely to regain the weight.”

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