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Getting stronger together strengthens a bond as a family. Most families face these two challenges that get in the way: time and electronics. Research shows the physical and mental benefits of unplugging electronics and spending time together as a family.  As for time, let’s face it we all have excuses, setting aside 30 minutes to get up and get active can be very beneficial to the whole family. It’s time to unplug, explore, experience and connect!

If you’re mid-workout there’s no excuse to be scrolling or even looking at your phone. Parents! This is an open opportunity to call out your kids (Kids, we’re sure you can throw that right back at your parents). Families that sweat together stay together! Wouldn’t you rather see your family’s actual faces rather than pictures? 

I go, you go: What family doesn’t love a little competition? If you’re trying to accomplish the title for favorite parent this is the one for you. Rather than setting a timer to rest between sets, use each other as timers. Pick an exercise 2 to 3 people can each do and try to get  at least ten reps of whatever exercise you can think of (Ex. Burpees, pushups, sit-ups). Once the first person finishes their reps the next goes, and the circle keeps going as soon as the exerciser finishes. The amount of reps each person can do drops each set, along with the rest. The intensity matches the competitiveness and the championship belt goes to whoever lasts the longest. 

Don’t be limited by what’s around you: Don’t be afraid to change up where you workout! There are many creative ways to get some exercise for some much needed family time. Plan ways for your family to spend time together that put you into the rejuvenating outdoors. Hit the pool, throw the ball around, go on a walk or even form a family yard work team (Be sure to follow-up with a delicious ice cold lemonade).  

Train in pairs and small groups: If you want to make sure your time is used effectively in the gym, with a spruce of motivation; work with one of our certified YouCoaches. YouCoaches will guide you through fun and effective workouts customized to both participants. Have a big family? Select Youfit locations offer small group training so the whole family can join in. It’s safe for kids 13 and up to start strength training so why not get them started with a certified professional? Kids 16 and up can come in on their own, but be careful not joining them, otherwise they’ll be kicking your butt before you know it! 

With the rest of summer do yourself a favor, pretend it’s 1990 and you have to entertain each other without screens. Get up and live a happy and active family life.

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