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They say, “a rolling stone gathers no moss,” and the last thing you want on your fitness journey is for it to be too routine without progress. It’s important to switch things up so your body stays challenged and your mind doesn’t get bored. When you’re in a routine with your workouts it can be hard to think of ways to switch things up, that’s why we’re giving you five awesome ways to switch up your fitness.

Single Piece of Equipment Workout

Try using only one piece of equipment for your entire workout. It’s super easy to find exercises for suspension trainers, kettlebells or cable machines. Hundreds of different exercises can be done on these types of equipment. When you challenge yourself to only use that equipment you’ll discover new movements that challenge you. You’ll also move at a much faster pace because you can stay in the same place so you’ll get a bigger metabolic or cardio workout from it.

Hire a Certified Personal Trainer

If you find yourself struggling to get your workouts in or wondering if you’re even doing the right thing it’s time to meet with one of our certified YouCoach personal trainers. YouCoaches design individualized programs that constantly progress and change so you’re always learning new movements and hitting new personal records. Get started by meeting with one of our certified YouCoach personal trainers for a complimentary fitness assessment.

Take a YouGX Class

Tired of thinking of your next exercise? At a loss for finding something new? Want an experience and atmosphere? Hop into one of our signature YouGX classes. Our instructors take the guesswork out of working out and make it fun. You’re guaranteed to do a workout you’ve never done before and snap out of any rut. There’s a huge variety of classes to pick from including strength, cardio, core, cycling, yoga, pilates and many more. Check youfit.com/yougx-schedules to find a class schedule near you.

Change Your Split

The body always has the goal of making things as easy as possible, the problem is the easier something is the less it changes you. One of the easiest ways to shake things up and get a totally different result from your workouts is changing how you split up your workout routine by muscle group. You don’t even need to learn or do new exercises to benefit from this. Try reorganizing your weekly workouts into one of these splits to either target more of the body each workout or hone in on certain muscle groups more:

  • Alternate upper body and lower body workouts
  • Perform only full body workouts that change every workout
  • Alternate between full body push (Chest, triceps, shoulders and quads) and full body pull (Back, biceps, glutes and hamstrings)
  • Push (Chest, triceps, shoulders), Pull (Back and biceps) and Legs

Cardio Roulette

Most pieces of cardio equipment come with pre-programmed workouts that are quick and easy to follow. Rather than following your go-to cardio routine try a new program on the machine. Better yet, limit yourself to only 5-10 minutes on one type of cardio machine and switch between at least three different cardio machines. Each machine requires the body to move uniquely and at different intensities so you’re sure to bust out of a rut. Next time try rotating between the rower, stairmaster, incline treadmill and upright bike.

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