How to Update Youfit Billing Information

Need to update your membership billing information, such as your credit card? Now it’s easier than ever before with the updated...

Post-Pregnancy Workouts | Youfit Youniverse

Pregnancy, childbirth, and becoming a mom are all beautiful yet exhausting journeys in life. After pregnancy, you may be feeling low in energy...

Why You Should Warm-Up Before Working Out

No matter how much of a rush you’re in when you’re working out, you shouldn’t skip your warm-up. Whether you’re heading into a...

Tips for Getting Back to Fitness

Heading back into the gym after a long absence can be tough, especially if you weren’t working out while you were away from...

Workout for Your Community with Youfit

Though we’re socially distancing these days, there are still things we can do to strengthen our communities while staying active. At Youfit Health...

Social Distancing Outdoor Workouts | Youfit Youniverse

A little time spent outside can work wonders for our mental and physical health. With the current climate of social distancing, many people...

Best At Home Workouts | Youfit Youniverse

Whether you can workout for one minute or one hour, it’s always worth it. Whether you can make it to the local gym...

Youfit Partners with LES MILLS On Demand

With the current health climate, many Americans are staying home these days. But just because you are home doesn’t mean you have to...

Best Workout Classes for Beginners

While many people know that exercise is an important part of overall health, some people dread hitting the gym. Look, we get it....

Tips for Working Out While Traveling

Whether you’re heading out of town for work, spring break, family vacations, or other travel, you don’t have to take a vacation from...
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