Youfit Partners with LES MILLS On Demand

With the current health climate, many Americans are staying home these days. But just because you are home doesn’t mean you have to...

How Strength Training Can Help in Everyday Life

Strength training does a lot more than build up strength in your body. It has a profound effect on the mind...

The Benefits of Exercising with Your Kids

Kids seem to have endless energy and exercise can be a great way to help your kids develop healthy lifestyle habits while burning...

“Gymtimidation” – Youfit Youniverse

Are burpees not the newest drink craze? Do kettlebells make a ringing or whistling sound? What if I foam roll the “wrong” way...

Exercise Your Creative Mind – Youfit Youniverse

Yep, Creativity Day is a thing – it’s on May 30. Granted, there seems to be a ‘day’ for everything these days, but...

Injury Prevention 101 | How To Prevent Exercise Related Injuries

Whether you’re  a first time gym user or a well-rounded athlete, injury prevention is one of the most overlooked and crucial...

Fitness Habits | Holiday Fitness Tips

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to lose momentum in your exercise routine? You miss a few days here, skip a...

Defeat the Summer Heat & Work Out Outdoors

When it comes to working out outside (especially in the summer heat), I always welcome embracing mother nature and enjoying the fresh air...

Best Stretches to Prevent Back Soreness

Many daily activities can cause back pain, like carrying around a kid, slouching at your desk, and hovering over your smartphone....

Take up a New Fitness Hobby

If you’ve ever been told – or told someone else – that they need to get a hobby, well, turns out it may...
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