Take up a New Fitness Hobby

If you’ve ever been told – or told someone else – that they need to get a hobby, well, turns out it may...

Exercise Your Creative Mind – Youfit Youniverse

Yep, Creativity Day is a thing – it’s on May 30. Granted, there seems to be a ‘day’ for everything these days, but...

“Gymtimidation” – Youfit Youniverse

Are burpees not the newest drink craze? Do kettlebells make a ringing or whistling sound? What if I foam roll the “wrong” way...

That’s a Wrap, Change Makers®!

As we approach the end of the latest Countdown to Change, it’s time to reflect on your health and fitness achievements for the...

5 Tips Stay Out of Harm’s Way Your First Gym Day

Many members go through an overwhelming (but also really exciting) experience when it comes to hitting the gym for the first time! Learning...

Defeat the Summer Heat & Work Out Outdoors

When it comes to working out outside (especially in the summer heat), I always welcome embracing mother nature and enjoying the fresh air...

How Fitness Can Help With Depression

Sure, we all know that exercise is good for the body.  But did you know that exercise is also good for...

How Taking a Yoga Class Can Help With Anxiety | Yoga

Flow, posture, controlled breathing, focused attention, and balance are all signs that you’re in a good yoga class (and hopefully one...

Workout Tips for the Family | Workout Tips | Family Fitness

Getting stronger together strengthens a bond as a family. Most families face these two challenges that get in the way: time and electronics....
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